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WWII Vet Louis Graziano Awarded

WWII veteran Louis Graziano, last witness to Nazi surrender, receives France's highest decoration, the Legion of Honor.

Louis Graziano, a 98-year-old World War II veteran and the last surviving witness to the Nazi surrender in 1945, received France’s highest decoration, the French Legion of Honor, at a ceremony attended by friends and family. Vincent Hommeril, consul general of France in Atlanta, praised Graziano’s bravery and his role in making France a free and sovereign nation.

Born to Sicilian immigrants, Graziano was drafted in 1943 and landed in France as part of the Allied invasion. As a master sergeant in the Army, he contributed to rebuilding parts of Reims, including the little red schoolhouse where German troops surrendered.

After the war, Graziano settled in Augusta with his late wife, Bobbie. He still cuts hair at the salon he built himself. His son, Louis “Butch” C. Graziano II, a Vietnam War veteran and Purple Heart recipient, expressed his pride and love for his father at the ceremony.

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  1. Steve Kilpatrick

    It was an honor meeting you on Friday, thank you for spending time with my sons. Take Care, Steve

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I am a World War II veteran, called to duty by Uncle Sam in 1943. I  share my personal story in my memoir, which includes personal anecdotes and historic photographs of my war experiences. My book describes my journey as a young soldier before, during, and after the war. It also highlights my experiences of fighting in D-Day, and the Battle of the Bulge. I am the last living survivor who was in the room to witness the signing of the Instrument of Surrender at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Reims, France. 

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